Five Ways Bed Bugs Can Ruin Your Life

Bed bugs are on the rise in the US, and they’re bringing with them a whole host of problems. More than just a simple pest, bed bugs can completely ruin lives if left to their own devices and are practically impossible to get rid of without professional help. The good news is that the sooner you catch the infestation and eradicate it, the better. By hiring professional pest control to come get rid of your bed bug problem, you can save your home, and your sanity. Finding a pest control agency in your area is as easy as Googling “bed bug treatment cincinnati” or wherever you may live. Don’t wait, the sooner you get rid of the bed bugs, the less damage they will do both physically, and mentally. Let’s go over five ways bed bugs can turn your world upside down if you don’t take action and get rid of them as soon as possible.

Reduced Property Value

While you’re having a bed bug infestation the value of your property drops significantly. In fact, it wouldn’t be too far off to say that the value of your home is essentially zero considering no one would want to purchase it while it’s infested. The sooner you get rid of the bed bugs, the sooner your home can reclaim its true value.

The Value of a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping with bed bugs isn’t easy, and it isn’t for reasons you may think. While bed bugs do crawl on you and bite you, they typically do it when you’re asleep. The problem is mostly psychological. Just imagine how hard it would be to fall asleep if you knew the bed bugs were going to attack the moment you drift off to dream land. Not a very comforting thought is it?

Destroying Furniture

If you’ve been attacked by bed bugs while sleeping, or just the thought of it makes you too afraid to even consider sleeping in a bug infested bed, you might begin sleeping in other rooms, or on other pieces of furniture such as a recliner or couch. The problem here is that this can easily spread the bed bugs to other pieces of furniture, infesting them as well. This can make the infestation in your home much harder to get rid of and may even lead to you having to destroy several pieces of furniture as well.

Social Stigma

If you have bed bugs and haven’t told anyone about it yet, do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut. While bed bugs can happen to literally anyone, they tend to be associated with poor hygiene and dirty living conditions. This is not the kind of image you want your family to have, so it’s best to just keep it to yourself until you get the problem taken care of by a professional.

Psychological Scars

If your bed bug infestation gets bad enough, it can leave a lasting impression mentally. You may never feel safe in a bed again, knowing that bed bugs could come back, and wreak havoc in your life once again. This sort of psychological scarring is eerily similar to PTSD and can be just as disruptive to your life as the bed bugs were.