Four ways to keep your display freezer in good condition

Looking after your freezer is just like looking after your car – it looks good, lasts longer and works better.

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Regular cleaning

It is a good idea to give your freezer a thorough clean once a week. Not only is this important for hygiene but also to monitor the items you are storing and how long you have been keeping them. Keeping a written record of when you purchased each item is essential.

If you have spills, wipe them up at once. There is nothing worse than seeing congealed milk stains or drops of jam. It is not necessary to spend money on expensive cleaning products when you have water and white vinegar, and perhaps some bicarbonate of soda if there are any stubborn stains. Whatever you do, try to avoid using sharp implements, as these will leave scratches and compromise the hygiene of your freezer.

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Regular defrost

A regular defrost of your display freezer will do it the power of good. Remember to turn the power off at the wall first! You will need sufficient containers to catch all the melting water and possibly a number of old towels to mop up any leaks. As with cleaning your freezer, avoid chipping away with a knife or worse; instead, let nature do its thing.

Full is good

Unlike your everyday fridge, freezers like to be full. A normal fridge works best when it is not overfilled. This is because the air needs to flow freely, as this will ensure a constant chill throughout the fridge. Freezers, on the other hand, like to be full – they are energy-efficient in this way. As the freezer is not working away chilling warm empty spaces, a full freezer will save you money. Select the right sized freezer for your needs – specialists such as will have plenty to choose from.

Keeping it fresh

To avoid unpleasant smells, it is a good idea to keep a deodoriser in the fridge. There is nothing worse than odours of the garlic chicken you had for dinner the previous evening or strong cheeses, however delicious they may be. If you prefer not to use a deodoriser, keeping half a lemon in the door is just as effective and is handy for your gin and tonic when the sun is over the yardarm!