How to Mow Your Lawn the Right Way

Keeping a freshly mowed lawn is a good first impression into how you take care of your home. It’s the first thing people see when they go by your house. You take pride in not only how it looks, but how you maintain it throughout the year. It’s a process, but well worth it to give the front of your home a certain aura of warmth and liveliness to it. Here are some tips to help you mow your lawn the right way.

Have the Right Mowing Height

One of the key issues with people mowing is cutting it way too short. You want to prevent scalping for a few reasons:

One, the grass needs more moisture and nutrition in order to grow it back properly. Two, there’s less chlorophyll, which is the fuel source for grass to rebuild. Three, there’s a better chance for the soil to dry out, especially if there’s a drought. Weeds have a better chance to dominate the soil when the grass isn’t cut properly. Instead, you should have a cut right in the middle.

A good height would be to cut around 3 inches. The key is not in having low-cut grass, but a medium and even length. This will make your grass remain healthy, and look good. The only exception to cutting low is during the wintertime to prevent frost or any cold element from taking to your grass. Next, you should know the right time to mow.

Knowing When to Mow

People don’t cut their lawn often enough. They let the grass grow too long, and this can make it more of a chore to get big clumps out of the lawn. Besides, just the extra labor, it actually negatively affects the grass. It’ll take longer for your grass to heal, and the clumps actually hinder the healthy growth underneath.

Instead of waiting for the grass to get up to 6 inches, cut it around 4. This way, you’re just mowing ⅓ of a blade of grass on your lawn. During the spring, you’ll find the most growth, so expect to mow at least every 4-5 days.  Make sure you don’t get rid of the clippings immediately.

Do Something More Productive with the Clippings

When you’re cutting the grass, don’t get rid of the clippings right away. In fact, it’s a waste just to put it in the trash. You’re just adding unnecessary compose. The clippings have tons of nutrients that can work wonders for the grass. Not only are you tossing it away, but you’re going to pay extra for fertilizer that may not even go with your grass. In the clippings could be roots filled with a great minerals that only help the soil.

The key is to mow your lawn regularly that the clippings actually are very tiny. They can embed better into the soil. This is great if you have a mulcher and you can use the excess for a natural decay into the grown. This will actually give your lawn more natural fertilizer or you can use it for other natural things.. Speaking of clippings, it’s your job to make sure that your mower blades are sharp.

Keep Your Mower Blades Sharp for a Better Cut

Over time, your blades get dull and that makes for ragged cuts within your grass. People rarely keep their blade running sharp. When you’re able to keep things sharp, it makes for a more even cut in the grass.

Having a bad cut means that it increases the chance for disease in your lawn. The grass is more susceptible to getting brown, because it’s not being serviced in the right manner. Also, the bigger openings make it lose moisture, which is bad in the hotter months of the summer. If you have a combination of sharp and ragged cuts, it’ll certainly make your lawn look uneven.

Try to sharpen your blades at a few times a season. You might not have time to do it after a certain amount of mowing hours, but always keep things in mind. Additionally, you could keep another mower on hand just in case. Definitely save the cutting for a day where your grass is a bit drier. Don’t  mow on rainy days due to clogging your machine and getting an uneven cut.

These are just some of the tips to help you make sure you mow your lawn correctly. Take a look at the behavior of your grass, the weather, and get on a good schedule to ensure that your piece of land has what it needs to grow properly.