Tips for Picking the Perfect Zero Turn Lawn Mower Equipment

If you are a DIY’er or an expert, purchasing a lawn mower is a financial decision that should not be made lightly. With a variety of models to choose from, it is sometimes hard to figure out which one offers the best value regardless of price.

Similar to choosing a car, getting you from one point to another is the objective of owning a zero turn mower. However, the functionality of each model is different. All lawn mowers cut grass with different degrees of comfort, speed, and the components they are equipped with. A zero turn is classified as a standard riding lawn mower that has a turning radius that is effectively zero. Even though that is achieved in different ways with different models, the most common method is through the hydraulic speed control of each drive wheel.

Zero turn mowers mow quickly, saving time and energy trimming around trees, flower beds, and other obstacles more easily than traditional riding lawn tractors. Not having to back up and go forward or circling around bushes repeatedly will cut the time put into yard maintenance in half.

All zero turn mowers are classified into 4 models types. Let’s look into their comparisons:

Entry-Level Zero Turn Mowers

These entry-level models are perfect for those who are looking for a mower that is economical. These models feature smaller engines and tanks. Their minimally-powerful engines max out at 6-7 miles per hour.

These mowers are equipped with components that are less expensive using stamped vs. welded decks. Steel parts are used vs. cast iron spindle materials. Even though these type of mowers are not constructed to be used on a day-to-day basis, entry-level zero turn mowers are time-efficient.

Cutting Width – (30” – 54”)

Horsepower – (10.5 – 24.5 hp.)

Cylinders – (Single & Twin)

Fuel Tank – (2 – 3.5 gal.)

Starting Price – $2,349.99

Mid-Grade Zero Turn Lawn Mower

If you are looking for a mower with more power, mid-grade zero turn lawn mowers are constructed with heavier-duty components so that you will be able to handle tougher mowing chores more easily.

These mowers are constructed with heavy-duty fabricated mower decks versus the standard stamped mower decks. They are made with heavier gauge steel and are welded for added strength. Equipped with a stronger transmission, larger wheel motors and pumps, an increased torque rating with the ability to handle a heavier load, are upgrades to expect in a mid-grade zero turn mower.

Other features include deck height adjustment and better quality seating.

Engine choices on these models include Kohler, Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engines, and Kawasaki. They all deliver better power performance overall.

Cutting Width – (34” – 60”)

Horsepower – (16 – 25 hp.)

Cylinders – (Twin)

Fuel Tank – (3 – 4 gal.)

Starting Price – $2,799.99

Semi-Pro Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Semi-pro zero turn mowers are very popular landscaping mowers for contractors. These mowers are designed for use on a daily basis and are budget-friendly. They are constructed with heavier gauge steel frames, heavy-duty transmissions, and bigger fuel tanks.

Semi-pro mowers can mow 4 – 5 acres nonstop before refilling with gas and can accelerate up to 8 miles per hour maximum.

Other comfort features include cruise control, multiple cup holders, a high back seat, and adjustable armrests.

Cutting Width – (42” – 66”)

Horsepower – (23.5 – 27 hp.)

Cylinders – (Twin)

Fuel Tank – (5 – 8 gal.)

Starting Price – $4,599.99

Commercial Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Commercial zero turn lawn mowers are for the person who is looking for the highest quality mower. They come equipped with very large mowing decks, the fastest speeds, extremely powerful engines, and the most expensive price tag.

These mowers are equipped to mow 3 – 4 acres per hour. They are built for consistent use on a daily basis and are the ‘go to’ for most landscaping professionals.

Cutting Width – (34” – 72”)

Horsepower – (21.5 – 31 hp.)

Cylinders – (Twin)

Fuel Tank – (5 – 13.4 gal.)

Starting Price – $5,799.99


  1. Tractor Mulching Kit – A mulching kit is a popular accessory that helps to keep the grass underneath the deck and chops it into fine clippings.

Kits come in many varieties of sizes. Make sure that the kit is compatible by choosing the same brand and size as your mower.

  1. Tractor Baggers – Tractor baggers are another alternative for getting rid of grass clippings. Baggers that mount to the rear gathers chopped grass from the blades through a chute into the collection bag.

Tractor baggers come in different styles for example, which depend on the size of the mower.  Make sure you check with the brand to ensure compatibility.