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The Cultivator Premier from™ is the highest quality home greenhouse kit available. The finest materials come standard on our 9’ x 12’ greenhouse design, including an exceptionally durable white or green aluminum frame that will withstand extreme weather and aging. Tough 8mm polycarbonate panel covering offers outstanding light diffusion and insulation value to help your plants flourish.

STANDARD FEATURES: Click on any of the links below to learn more about the benefits of these features.

1) All-aluminum extruded frame

2) 8mm triplewall clear polycarbonate covering panels
3) Green or white baked-on enamel finish at NO EXTRA COST
4) 3’ extra-wide single-hinged door
5) 8’-3 1/2” overall height (from the ground to the peak)
6) 5’- 7 3/4” sidewall height (from the ground to the eave)
7) Two 2’x 3’ roof vents
8) 12-year warranty for manufactured parts
9) Easy assembly

Advantages of our Standard Features:

1) Structural Strength and Sealing: Our standard extruded aluminum framing provides your greenhouse kit with strength and durability that will last for years or until you upgrade to a Cultivator Elite™ Home Greenhouse! Our hobby greenhouse offers clear polycarbonate panel covering that is held down securely with gasketed bar caps on the aluminum structure to minimize leaks and act as a thermal break to reduce the drip from condensation. back to top

2) Durable, Clear Covering: The 8mm clear polycarbonate covering provides outstanding strength against extreme weather conditions, great insulation for optimal temperate conditions, and good visibility to make it easier for you to see inside your greenhouse. Through decades of experience, we have found that it is a greater value than glass. We also offer an optional hi-clarity 8mm polycarbonate for an additional $150 that allows for greater light transmission for your plants as well as greater visibility for you. back to top

3) Beautiful White or Green Finish: Get the beauty of a strong, painted aluminum frame to accent your yard and home without paying more! Other manufacturers offer unpainted frames as their standard and charge you for the enhanced, sleek look of a painted frame. (Some charge as much as an additional $1,000.) The Cultivator Premier lets you choose white or green as standard option, free of charge. back to top

4) Extra-Wide, Locking Door: Our extra-wide door—wide enough to move gardening equipment and plants in and out easily—features the same high-quality 8mm polycarbonate covering to match your greenhouse. The keyed lock will deter intruders. back to top

5 & 6) Roomy Interior: The Cultivator Premier greenhouse has a sidewall height of 5’-7 3/4” from the ground to the eave and an overall height of 8’-3 1/2” from the ground to the peak. It offers ample headroom for you to work and plenty of space for your hanging baskets. The 9’ width provides you with plenty of workspace, even with benches in place on both sides of the greenhouse. back to top

7) Manual Roof Vents: Two manually controlled roof vents allow you to circulate air and let hot air escape when necessary. If your gardening needs call for greater circulation, for an additional charge Nexus Corporation can equip you with an exhaust fan and motorized shutter that help you better regulate the temperature inside. back to top

8) 12-Year Warranty: The Cultivator Premier greenhouse is covered by a 12-year warranty against manufacturing defects. The 8mm polycarbonate and optional accessories are covered by the warranties of the manufactureres of those items. back to top

9) Easy Assembly: Your greenhouse kit is engineered so that you can easily build it yourself! All parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and ready for assembly. back to top