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Proper management of the greenhouse environment is essential for healthy plant growth. Carefully selected and properly sized accessories will help ease your gardening workload and optimize plant growth. All accessories are shipped freight collect unless shipped with the greenhouse structure.

Heaters are available in natural gas, propane, or electric and are sized to meet your needs. All can be hung from the frame to maximize space for growing.

Modine Compact Unit Heater
You will want to use efficient natural gas or propane heaters for year-round gardening. This completely enclosed gas unit is lightweight and easy to install. Standard power exhaust simplifies venting. Please specify natural gas or propane when ordering. Flue kit, penetration panels, and thermostat are sold separately. Electric heaters are also available upon request.

Accessories for the Modine Heaters
Heater Hanger: Ceiling-mount hanger kit is available. Make the most of your greenhouse space by hanging your heater so that you can optimize your growing space.

Flue Kit and Penetration Panel
Be sure enough fresh air for combustion is available in your greenhouse. Nexus Corporation offers a flue kit and penetration panel to meet fresh air requirements for healthy plant growth. Penetration panel replaces the solid covering in your greenhouse to allow you to install equipment.


Control systems will help to simplify running your greenhouse and optimize growing conditions. The controller can be as simple as a thermostat or a greenhouse controller that will operate multiple accessories. The number of accessories that you have will determine what kind of controller you will need. If you have three or more accessories including the roof vent, you will want a controller to operate your accessories. These controllers, once programmed to meet your growing requirements, will allow the greenhouse to run efficiently without constant supervision.
Honeywell Single-Stage Thermostat
This thermostat can be used to control individual equipment, such as a heater, fan, intake shutter, and an exhaust fan.

Dayton Two-Speed Thermostat
This thermostat can be used to control two separate pieces of equipment at the same time or a single piece of equipment with two speeds.

Four-Stage Controller
Reduce the need for separate thermostats for each piece of eqipment with a four-stage controller. For greater ease of automation, the four-stage controller will control up to four single-speed items, such as one heat stage with three separate cooling stages. A solar-shielded remote sensor is included with this controller. Electronic accuracy and remote sensing offer flexibility and more precise climate control within the greenhouse. Wiring diagrams for the four-stage controller are included for most applications.

Penetration Panels
A penetration panel may be necessary for installation of your ventilation equipment. The penetration panel can replace any section or panel of glass of greenhouse covering depending on where you need your equipment located. Each penetration panel is made of 3/16” clear polycarbonate.


Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) Fan
This fan is a must for your greenhouse! The HAF Fan distributes air evenly throughout the greenhouse. It eliminates stagnant air that can contribute to disease and poor plant health. The HAF Fan features a white epoxy guard that will not corrode or cast shadows. Available in four sizes.

Awning Windows
For additional natural ventilation, add awning windows to the sidewall(s) of your greenhouse. These manual opening windows have security latches and are made of aluminum frames. Screens are included for awning windows. These windows replace a standard 30-1/2” sidewall pane of glass. Available in white and bronze.

All Cultivator Elite grenhouses come standard with automatic roof venting, however some gardeners want additional cooling for their greenhouse. Exhaust fans and intake louvers are excellent choices for extracting air out of the greenhouse and reducing heat buildup inside.

Exhaust Fan and Motorized Shutter

For those who want automatic ventilation, let this forced air system work for you. This system is designed to force air through the greenhouse while exhausting stale, hot air out, and creating a cooling breeze. Three sizes of fans and four sizes of shutters are available. Available in white only.

Thermostat sold separately.

Shade Cloth
Greenhouse shading will greatly reduce overheating in your greenhouse. The high-density polypropylene shade is UV resistant and will give a 67% light reduction. This roll-up, exterior-mounted shade includes a rope and pulley system, sewn edges, and all necessary hardware. (Unlike interior shades, exterior shading limits overheating of your greenhouse.) Available in bronze, gray, or charcoal.

Arctic Circle Evaporative Cooler
Bring fresh, clean air into your greenhouse and lower the inside temperature as much as 15 degrees farenheit. All units are ducted line coolers with two-speed fan control. (Not recommended for high humidity climates.) Thermostat sold separately. Ducting and diffuser not included with cooler.

Nexus Corporation offers benches custom sized to meet the needs of your greenhouse. They are constructed of galvanized steel and aluminum with expanded metal mesh shelves.

Single-Tier Stationary Bench
These sturdy benches can be custom sized for length and width to meet your greenhouse needs. These benches offer outstanding quality and are made with a galvanized steel frame, aluminum perimeter bench rail, and galvanized expanded metal tops with drainage holes.

Two-Tiered Stationary Bench
Each bench is 29” high, 2’ wide and 4’ long with two tiers for maximum growing. The durable aluminum benches are lightweight and corrosion resistant. The tops are of smooth polypropylene with openings to allow drainage and to maintain a clean surface.


Basket Clip
Basket clips are furnished with T-bolts that easily attach the clip basket to the roof bar of your greenhouse. The hanging pots can hook through from the pre-drilled hole in the clip. Use them to gain extra space in the greenhouse for your hanging baskets.